CrossFit Ironside


Ironside WOD (workout of the day)

Ironside runs a group-style strength and conditioning program designed to help individuals of all skill levels reach their optimal health and fitness potential. Our program focuses on the development and strengthening of functional movement patterns used in everyday life and sport (Squatting, pressing, pulling, running, jumping, throwing, etc.)

In addition to building strength our program also focuses on developing cardiovascular endurance through high-intensity interval training.  We offer a very flexible program that can be customized to any individual regardless of experience or current level of fitness. The WOD is designed for all skill levels from the non-experienced, de-conditioned individual to experienced elite athletes.  The program is customizable to accommodate the needs of all levels of fitness.

CrossFit On Ramp

The purpose of On Ramp is to familiarize each person with the program before they join the group classes. This allows us to spend some 1-on-1 time with each athlete to assess their current level of fitness and it also allows us to keep the integrity and dynamic of the group classes by preparing newer athletes before they join the group classes.

During On Ramp you will become familiar with the proper weight-lifting technique of all nine of the pressing, pulling and squatting movements performed in the group classes. You will also establish your baseline strength for each of the movements and be given a thorough introduction to the strength and conditioning program ran at Ironside. On Ramp is required for all new members.

Open Gym

Open gym is available to all Ironside members. Open gym is a time for athletes to train independently. A coach will be present during open gym hours to provide assistance as needed.


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