Week 4 of Juggernaut! We are back to a volume week! If you missed testing your lifts last week, no sweat! Read the notes below on how to catch up!
Back Squat (-Volume Week-)
Opt.1 -Jugg Volume Week- 50 %x5, then perform 5×8 @ 65% of your new Training 1 Rep Max. Last set is a Max-effort.
Opt. 2 5×3 @ 70% of 1RM
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
12 min AMRAP:
5 Push-ups
5 KB Swings
200 m. run
10 Push-ups
10 KB Swings
200 m. run
15 Push-ups
15 KB Swings
200 m. run
etc… continue to increase pushups and KB Swings by 5 reps for each round completed.

Workout instructions:
If you missed testing any of your lifts last week during our testing week, no worries! To catch up, increase your training 1 rep max by 2.5%. In other words your new TRM for the next 3 weeks will be 92.5% of your actual 1 rep max. Ask questions if that doesn’t make sense.