Week 4 of Juggernaut. Last week was testing week. Everyone should have new Training 1 Rep Maxes based on their performance. Use your new TRM for the next 3 weeks. If you have questions or missed last week talk to your coach and they will help you get back on track.
Shoulder Press (5×8 @ 65% of new TRM)
Opt.1 55%x5, 60%x3, 5×8 @ 65% of 1RM
Opt.2 55%x5, 65%x3, 70%x2, 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1, 90%x3+
Opt. 3 5×3 @ 75% of 1RM
Opt. 4 Accessory Work
Metcon (Time)
For Time:
5 Rounds
12 Calorie Row
9 Pullups/CTB
6 Snatch/ Clean and Jerks 95/65

Sub Row for 200 m. run or 9 Cals on bike

Metcon (Weight)
Optional Accessory Work
Barbell Curls

Work to a heavy 10 rm