Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Day 20 Pull-up Challenge

-Volume Day-

-45 reps-

Break up sets x reps however you wish.
Record total reps into Wodify
Strict, kipping, weighted, etc…

With 3 weeks out till "Murph", we wanted to give those who have at least 1 strict-pull-up an opportunity to start dialing in their kipping/butterfly pull-ups on Volume Day. We will continue to do strict on other pull-up Challenge days.

If you don’t have a strict pull-up we recommend you continue to work towards getting a strict before you transition to kipping pull-ups.

No Max-effort if kipping, save grip for Toe-to-bars in the met-con.

Metcon (Time)
For Time:
3 RNDs
9 Snatches/C+Js 95/65

then 400 m. run/ 500 m. row

2 RNDs
12 TTB’s/KTC
9 Snatches/C+Js

then 400 m. run/500 m. row

9 Snatches/C+Js

then 400 m. run/500 m. row

Sub row/run for 30/24 cals on air bike

Perform a 400m. run after 3 rounds of TTB’s and snatches then another 400 m. run after 2 rounds and then one last 400 m. run after 1 round.
Record time in Wodify