Testing Day! It is the week before "Murph" and we have been working on developing our pull-ups for the last 9 weeks. Today is the day to see how we have progressed. Once you have warmed up, test out a max-effort set of pull-ups or some type of assisted pull-up.

Record your best effort below. Once you are done with your Max-Effort set perform a 6×5 set of pull-ups. This is a good opportunity to work on dialing in your kipping or butterfly pull-ups.

Pull-up Challenge Benchmark (AMRAP – Reps)
Max-Effort set of pull-ups/ Assisted Pullups

Record your reps.

The goal for this workout is to establish an accurate best effort attempt at a Max-effort set of strict or assisted pull-ups. This is going to serve as our baseline workout that we will measure our progress off of. Whatever pull-up option you choose, you need to be able to complete at least 1 full range of motion pull-up to count the rep.

05/20/2021 (Time)
For Time:
200 m. run
12 Clean and Jerks
200 m. run
9 Clean and Jerks
200 m. run
6 Clean and Jerks
200 m. run
3 Clean and Jerks
200 m. run

Rx 95/65