Open Gym during all Wednesday classes!

Summer training continues! If you weren’t able to test the benchmark "Jackie" last week you can make it up today. We will be testing another named Crossfit benchmark this Saturday.

Come in and work on skill development, make up a WOD/Lift or take on the workout of the day. Today we will be switching the order of the workout and start with the Met-con. Any remainder time will be dedicated to working on gymnastic pulls. We will start the Met-Con 20 mins after the class starts.

Metcon (Time)
2 Rounds:
800 m. run/row/bike
21 TTB’s/KTC
3 Wallwalks/ 25 ft HS Walk
400 m. run/row/bike
15 TTB’s/KTC
2 Wallwalks/ 25 ft HS Walk
200 m. run/row/bike
1 Wallwalk/25 ft HS Walk

25 minute cap

Use the conversion chart below if you want to sub the run for a row or bike

Gymnastic Pulls (sets x reps)
Pull-up Chart Progression

Total reps:
7 sets of 8 reps 56
6 sets of 7 reps 42
5 sets of 6 reps 30
4 sets of 5 reps 20
3 sets of 4 reps 12
Muscle-up Chart Progression

Total reps:
6 sets of 5 reps 30
7 sets of 4 reps 28
8 sets of 3 reps 24
9 sets of 2 reps 18
10 sets of 1 reps 10