Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Day 7 Pull-up Challenge

-Volume Day-

7×5 -35 reps

This week we are increasing our volume to a 7×5 set of pull-ups (35 reps total) Last set will be unbroken. Record total reps into Wodify. The goal for today is to complete the 7×5 unbroken however if you can’t, break up the sets to a more manageable setxreps scheme and try and complete all 35 reps. For example if you complete the first 5×5 but then on the 6th set you only get 3 reps than take the remainder of the total reps (7reps) and break them up into more manageable sets to complete the total 35 reps. 1×3, 1×4.

Last set will be a Max-Effort

Record total reps into Wodify

Opt.1 5×7
Opt. 2 7×5
Opt. 3 12×3
Metcon (Time)
For Time:
5 Rounds:
10 KTC/TTB’s
10/20 Pushups
200 m. run

Sub run for 250/200 m. row or 15/12 Cals on bike