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Gymnastic Presses (Skill day!)

Chart 1

7×8 reps

6×7 reps

5×6 reps

4×3 reps

3×4 reps

Chart 2

6×5 reps

7×4 reps

8×3 reps

9×2 reps

10×1 reps
Dips, pushups, HSPU’s, Handstand Walks/ Holds and any type of variation.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Happy Valentines Day!

Grab your Valentine or your frienemy, and Partner Up!

Death by Wallball and Pullup

1 Wallball

1 Pullup

2 Wallballs

2 Pullups

3 Wallballs

3 Pullups


On the 1st minute of this workout you and your partner will perform either 1 wall ball or 1 Pullup, on the next minute you will switch movements and complete 2 of the opposite movements that you performed the minute before.

You will increase by 1 rep each round you complete until you or your partner can no longer complete the reps within the minute.

You will enter completed Rounds + extra reps from both you and your partner. For example if you and your partner complete 10 Rounds + 9 Wallballs and 8 pull-ups then your score would be 10 Rounds + 17 reps

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 min tabata:

DB Curls + DB Rows