CrossFit Ironside – CrossFit

Back Squat (1 Rep Max)

Opt.1 50%x5, 60%x3, 70%x2, 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1, 90%x1, 95%x1, PR Attempt

Opt. 2 Speed Squats 7×1 @ 75% of 1 Rep Max (Focus on speed out of the bottom) Prioritize tech. > weight

Opt. 3 Box Squat 7×2 By feel. Set box to parallel

Metcon (Time)


10 Rounds:

10 Goblet Squats

30 Jump Rope


3 Squat Cleans 135/95

30 Double-unders

Metcon (Time)

Optional Accessory Work:

5×10 Box Jumps

Increase height on box each set